Something Really Awful

A collection of links that have helped me pass the time on the internet. Webmasters who have some content on a website that's actually worth looking at if you want a giggle, though in some cases this is because the content is so cringeworthy its good!


So bad it is good... - a true classic bit of film whether genuine or not.  American idol fans should not miss this! - Just very very scary - Google gets scary - Seen the classifieds recently?

http://bbspot/News/2003/01/os_quiz.php - Which OS are you? - the old ones are the best huh? - oh yes - cool 7up mind prediction game
- George Busg Flash thingy - More George Bush humour - Amusing Stuff - how to tow a car out of the snow 
- funny pictures website 
- Penguin Baseball - Backwards Google - Old TV



And ones my friends make 

Bit feeble at the moment, but I hope to improve :)